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Lose up to 1 lb. of fat a day.  Really! 

      This Amazing Easy Weight Loss Program is the Most Affordable Plan Available.

  • No Exercises
  • No Surgery
  • No Packaged Foods
  • No Hormones
  • No Special Shakes

If you have tried other diets and failed then this program is for you. Works with all ages, all body types and is perfect for diabetics.

As you go through the program you will be breaking the sugar addiction which is very important for health but also for keeping off the weight you lose. You will see rapid weight loss as well as improved energy.  Hunger and cravings go away is just a few days.

We teach you how to eat properly. You eat food that you buy and prepare.  You only eat the foods listed in the manual.  You will eat 5-6 times a day. The program transitions you into a healthier life style that you can maintain once you correct your sugar metabolism.

Dr. Quigley has stated that "This is about as perfect of a diet program as it can get.  It gives the patient what they want; safe rapid weight loss.  I get what I want, which is to improve their health.  All with an easy, effective plan that is fair less expensive than any other comparable program."

A 60 day supply of the product, manual and weekly weigh-in/support costs only $449.00.  No other hidden costs.   A popular program advertizing on the radio charges $250 a week for the same weight loss per week as ours.  This is the most cost effective weight loss program available.

You deserve to look and feel great again.

“I have lost 49 lbs in as many days. The program was very effective. No hunger or cravings – just follow the instructions and you continue to lose. Easy to follow and support from Dr. Quigley & staff is terrific. Also friendly and responsive to questions.  I recommend this to anyone wanting to drop weight fast & forever. I personally have tried multiple weight loss programs prior, this was truly the simplest and easiest with high results.” Ken Koch, Lakewood, WA

Call for a Free No Obligation Consultation   To see if you are a candidate for this amazingly easy weight loss program. Call now to take advantage of our low introductory price.   (253) 539-0132 


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