Frequent Questions and Answers

Question: Why should I see a specialist?
Answer:    Specialists are specifically trained in an area of healthcare.   The amount of
information in medicine is now staggering.  A single doctor cannot be expected to know it all.
Specialists are trained to know the best and most effective method for treatment for specific
conditions.  Their diagnosis is usually more accurate and with car accidents that can mean better compensation for your injuries.  If we can’t help you we will set up an appointment with a specialist that can.

Question:  Why do I need a chiropractor, exercise and massage therapy for my injuries?
Answer:   A professional or Olympic athlete, when injured, has a whole entourage of healthcare providers: chiropractors, physical therapist, massage therapist, psychologist, and nutritionist etc. to get them performing back to their optimum.  Don’t you deserve the same?  You want the best possible care for you injuries so you can return back to your pre-injury status.  Don’t take a chance on your health and future well being.  Every patient will be prescribed the correct therapies for the best results for your case.

Question:  Does the insurance cover my care?
Answer: This is a good question and it can be complicated.

Our staff is knowledgeable in all aspects of insurance and can answer any specific questions.  Do you have insurance?  Does the person who is responsible for you injuries have insurance?  What is “Personal Injury Protection” (PIP)?  What does “Third Party” mean?  We can answer all these questions for you with one simple phone call and we will assist you in any means possible with your insurance.
The insurance company may have sounded like they were concerned about you and wanted you to get the care you need.  It doesn’t matter if it’s your insurance company or the other parties insurance…THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND!  They may sound concerned and caring but they are only interested in one thing, their bottom line.  We have seen over and over again denial of care because they (the insurance company) will use ever excuse possible to deny and delay your care.  This is another good reason to see a Car Accident Specialist, because we know the best ways of handling problems with insurance companies.  We will also work closely with your attorney for the benefit of you.
Question:  I don’t have insurance but the person who hit me does.  How does that work?
Answer:  If you don’t have insurance coverage for your injuries (auto insurance or health care) but the responsible party has liability coverage you can I get treatment paid for.  This is what is called “Third Party”.  The person who is responsible for your injuries has liability insurance and they will pay for your treatment.  The problem is that they will not pay anything until the claim is settled which can take several years.  Many doctors will not take third party claims.  At Car Accident Specialist we will take third party claims on a selected basis.  We can determine if we will take your case with a complimentary consultation.  Just call to schedule.   

Question: How long will my treatment take to get better?
Answer: Everyone is different.  Age, sex, history of prior injuries and the degree of the recent injuries will dictate your specific treatment plan.  It is not possible to predict your release date initially.   Because of the mechanism of injury with motor vehicle accidents, there is a significant amount of energy that can affect the occupant. The result is torn and damaged tissue causing pain, disabilities, loss of sleep and inability to work.  We will do everything we can to return you back to pre-injury status as quickly as possible.

Question: Do I need an attorney?
Answer: Not all cases need an attorney. If this is your first motor vehicle accident, the case is
complicated, you have missed several days of work or there are obvious disabilities resulting
from you injuries an attorney may be necessary.  You want to hire an attorney who is a
specialist, an attorney who handles personal injuries.  Don’t be fooled by the initial caring attitude of the insurance company.  Personal Injury Attorneys will see that you are compensated for your injuries and that your medical bills are paid in full.   We can help you find an attorney that is the best for your case.

Question:  Do you have a question?
Answer:  Call us with any questions concerning your injuries or insurance.  We will help you any way we can.


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